KMP Designs is a Canadian company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. We have been delivering business software solutions for more than twenty years, keeping pace with the fast-changing world of technology and nimbly responding to evolving client needs. All development and support is performed out of the Mississauga office.


Keith Patterson

Keith has worked in the software development business for over 20 years. As a consultant he has helped companies of all sizes understand how the right software can play a vital role in streamlining their operations and has played an active role in the requirements analysis, design, building and support of these solutions.

Keith has an engineering background and an in-depth knowledge of operations, accounting, management and technology. His ability to communicate solutions at an executive level makes him a valuable member of the KMP team.

Our Partners

Microsoft Partner Logo

As a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1998, KMP Designs has access to Microsoft’s broad array of operating systems, development platforms, server products and productivity suites. To be a partner we are required to continually demonstrate our expertise in Microsoft products and maintain certifications.

Microsoft owns just over 91% market share in the computer operating system marketplace with their Windows products. Windows is the operating system of choice for most businesses on the planet.

All of our solutions are built for the Microsoft platforms using their development tools. Our focus on one platform has become a competitive advantage allowing us to build expertise, tools and processes that enable us to deliver high quality solutions faster than many of our competitors.

Xplore Logo

To run our integrated field service solution, some of our clients choose to go with a standard tablet and use a rubberized case for added protection in the field. Some clients choose to go with a truly ruggedized tablet PC and that is where our partnership with Xplore Technologies comes in.

Xplore Technologies manufactures the world’s broadest range of high-quality rugged tablet computers and that is all they build. It is this focus that we feel enables them to build the best ruggedized tablets in the marketplace.

All of their products are designed to work with Microsoft operating systems, which many users are familiar with from their office or home computer. For businesses, having the same mobile platform as at the office makes the overall enterprise infrastructure less complex.

As an Xplore Premiere Partner, KMP Designs has access to expertise and resources that enable us to deliver a tablet solution that is a perfect fit for our customer’s business.

RCAP Leasing Logo

RCAP Leasing operates one of Canada’s longest-serving and most-respected equipment financing businesses. Rather than purchase tablets to deploy kmplete, some of our clients choose to lease, which is why our partnership with RCAP Leasing is so important. It enables our clients to implement kmplete as their service management solution without a large investment in hardware.