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tablet with work order queue


In the field...

kmplete Field Service

Work Order Management

No more paper work orders to transcribe. Work orders are dispatched out to technician tablets where all data is captured electronically. All completed work orders are synchronized back to the office for review and invoicing.

Field Purchases

No need to call the office to get a PO number. Technicians generate and enter purchase orders in the field and they are automatically linked to the job. All purchasing activity flows back to the office to drive payables processing and job costing.

Site Management

Office and technicians can add, modify and remove equipment for a site. Changes are synchronized to all tablets. Each equipment record is linked to equipment type, make and model to enable accurate identification.

Integrated Checklists

Move your equipment or health and safety checklists into kmplete and have your technicians fill them out in the field on their tablets. All data is captured into the database and available on-demand for reporting.

Trouble with Paper in the Field

Access to history

With kmplete, you always have one-click access to work history by customer, site or equipment. Access history in the field without an Internet connection, so you can look up the history for that boiler in the basement while standing in front of it.

Quotation Management

Enter recommendations in the field, including estimates, which can be managed at the office. Once approved, they can be dispatched to a technician for completion.

Offline Operation

Unlike most other field management solutions, an online connection is not needed to capture and access work orders, signatures, checklists, time sheets, purchases, estimating, history, etc.

Schedule Management

Dispatchers can manage all technician schedules through the scheduling board and each technician can access their own schedule on their tablet.

Roof Technician Plumbing Technician Tools

…look up the history for that boiler in the basement while standing in front of it.

Write-up Builder

Define a large number of prebuilt sentences or paragraphs that are available when creating dispatch instructions, estimate descriptions or work order descriptions, saving a significant amount of writing time.

Time Sheets

Technicians enter their time on the tablet and all entries flow back to the office. Time allocated to work orders will automatically get charged to the job through the payroll and job costing modules.

Service Contracts

Service contracts include a visit and billing schedule that generate work orders and invoices automatically throughout the year. Our job costing module tracks all revenues and expenses against the contract.

Automatic Pricing

All labour, jobs and parts entered onto a work order is automatically priced based on a pricing matrix controlled by office personnel. Even if pricing is not visible on the tablet, the work order will arrive at the office with most pricing in place.

Our solution runs on any Windows tablet or notebook.

Multi-location Management

Manage customers with one or more service locations. For example, billing needs to be directed to the property manager while the service is directed at one of the sites. Equipment can be linked to each site and can be moved from one site to another. Locations can also be moved from one customer to another, while retaining the history of work performed.

Configurable Permissions

Each user is assigned permissions and menus that they may access. This includes control over tablets in the field.

Certification Management

Manage all technician certifications within kmplete and access them while dispatching. Know what certifications are about to expire and manage renewals.

Inventory Management

Our inventory module is built to support activity across the entire enterprise. View the product master, pricing and stock levels on a tablet, link product inventory to work orders, choose multiple storage locations (including mobile/trucks) and bins, perform product counts on a tablet, purchase to and sell out of any storage location, and access material requirements with one click.

On premises or hosted

You can host kmplete on site within your own servers, or we can provide hosting for you. Either way, your access to your own data is never compromised.

Comprehensive Auditing

All database changes are audited in kmplete. This makes it possible to report who changed what and when.

In the office...

Integrated Accounting


Canadian Payroll

Salary and hourly employees; Union and union agreements; Comprehensive allocation of payroll expenses to work orders; projects and contracts; EFT support; T4 creation; and Reporting to support ROE, WSIB, EHT, etc.

Job Costing

Allocate revenues to work orders, projects or contracts through work orders/customer invoicing; Allocate costs to work orders, projects or contracts through purchasing/ vendor invoices and payroll; Reallocate revenues and costs through general journal entries.

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